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7602620908 / 760-262-0908 Phone Number Reverse Lookup
Phone Owner Unknown
Caller ID N/A
Caller Type Dept Collector
Type of Phone Landline
Carrier Pac-west telecomm, inc. - ca
City Indio
State California
County N/A
County Population N/A
Local Timezone N/A
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Posted: 28th Jun, 2012 by pissed01
I got the same call from a person with an Indian accent. I told them that the call was being recorded and the hung up on me. After speaking with 3 males and 1 female they eventually would hang up and not call back. I'm so upset with these people I could scream. There must be something that can be done about this.
Caller Type: Dept Collector
Posted: 11th Jun, 2012 by shady
I got a phone from these people saying I have a paid loan out it is scam do not give then any information
Caller Type: Dept Collector
Posted: 14th Feb, 2011 by shelly
i got a call from this same number , left a message saying i was in trouble for not paying an outstanding check loan. Only i dont have any outstanding check loans. i called them back and they said i was also going to be charged with check fraud. the guy claimed his name was his name is danny swanson only when i called him right back the guy that answered wasnt sure who danny was and said i could talk to him(dennis who sounded remarkably like danny ) and he then claimed danny was busy and proceeded to tell me i was going to be in legal trouble, i told him to send me the paper work for the so called loan and he said since its time sensative he would send me the paper work via email, and he wouldn't mail it. he rattled off a list of companies that supposedly use them to take legal action against people with outstanding loans, none that i have heard of. I think my mistake was, about a month ago i was researching payday loan companies and gave my email and home number on line....NOW i get to deal with these idiots
Caller Type: Dept Collector
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Phone number variations : 7602620908 - 760 262 0908 - 17602620908